Today is a very important day of the history of the United States.
Hence, I post this article in English specially.
My junior and senior high always played "Let's talk in English" or "Ivy"
broadcast to us. Therefore, we knew the July 4th spontaneously.
This is a non-focused post, I just want to practice my poor English
and to know how many vocabulary I lost and remembered.
Because my mom press me to join the global village to learn English
for three months.
Compare with learning advenced calculus, I think English is the better
choose for me.
today is July 4th, the ten days of happy summer vacation passed quickly.
Like a song sang:"My youthhood bird does not come back after it has gone."

Postscript: There are many errors of this post. So, plz tell me and teach
me how to modify it. Thx a lot.


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