如果您曾經因為覺得facebook比較好跟朋友或同事溝通, 卻害怕別人以為您都不務正業在聊天閒晃, 您一定不可以錯過使用這套Chrome擴充應用程式:

fbChater 1.0!



1. 至Google的chrome線上應用程式商店 (chrome webapp store)下載安裝
2. 登入您的facebook 
3. 在網址後面加上 &fbChater=pic 或是 &fbChater=web
4. 不想用預設的圖片或網址, 你還可以加上 &url= 

也就是說, 以我而言, 我的網址就是:

就是這麼簡單, 讓你想用就可以用, 想不用就可以不用! 

任何建議都歡迎您留言給我, 期待讓這個擴充應用程式能讓您的生活體驗更好。



If you have been bothered in any occasions by using your facebook chats. You should try this chrome extension, fbChater to avoid that happen again.

You can customize your own background when you are using facebook. You can not only replace the background by a picture, but also a website.

How to start

Please follow the few steps as below,

1. Go to chrome webapp store and click the "Add to Chrome" button.
2. Login your facebook.
3. Add the string  &fbChater=pic or &fbChater=web after the URL.
4. For more, without the default picture or default website, you can add  &url= or &url= after your URL for any picture or website you want.

That is, for me, the URL will be

So simple, isn't it. Please give me your feedback for improving this extension better.


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